second lift off

Blow up moment


Floating almost

It floats

And hovers above the heads

Inside peak

It floats again

The Paraballoon
Measures: diameter 300 x 400 cm high
I made The Paraballoon for my dream to hover and sail away through the sky. After storms many abandoned umbrella's stranded in the city-bins. I collected quite a fiew but asked the municipality cleaning to help. After two windy raindays they collected to a hundred!
I hoped my sewing made me a balloon as big that i could lift off, calculating circles is not a strong point, so i ended up with this scale model. It works to lift itself!
After the first flights i made it into other installations as well. Hanging upside down for instance, with an umbrella cloudy sky.

Upside down in 'Over the Edge' exhibition @ KunstenLab

Upside Down

Upside Up