Vod left

Vod and Surrounding

Begging for some...

Meik nice and warm

Vod and Meik
Vod and Meik found each other on the streets, both left alone and neglected by the people, they where filth... Vod abused, torn apart and left as a rag in a corner found life back again, Meik smashed out of the house were he accidentally flew into, it was horrible... Just escaped death by landing on a rag in the corner and they became friends.
Vod is dutch for rag and is quite similar to Vox (dutch Vos), Meik is a self made short for Meikever (Maybug) and sounds like Mike.
Materials: fur-scarf (Vox, filling and metal wire), Maybug, concrete sidewalk-brick
size: 30 x 80 x 30 (WxHxD in cm. appr.)